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The Carolinas are Lucky to have Ronn Winter!"

                                Ron Saylor- Illusionist

                                           Bakersfield CA


Truly Amazing! Best entertainment we've ever had!"

                                Lloyd Greene

                                London, England


"Im a skeptic of all skeptics, however, Ronn Winter managed to make me believe! The way Ronn connects with you and reads your thoughts is incredible!"


                      Renee Di Liddo- The Mirage

                                           Las Vegas NV


 "This guy is a real life Jedi!"


                                                         Jeff R.

                                               Memphis TN

"Ronn Winter is, by far, the best magician who actually uses real people and not actors like Criss A****.

I was amazed with what he did!"


                                         Tony Kneeshaw

                                                Flushing MI

"Worth every dollar and then some! The things this guy does will keep you awake at night!"

                                    Amanda Tremblay

                                         Edmonton Alberta Canada


"This guy is legit! He's the real deal!"


                      Megan Hoffman- Host of

                           Your Carolina, WSPA

                                      Greenville SC


"Ronn has the presence, the articulation, and the Intellect to make his shows very tantilizing...his presentations on the stage are nothing less than spectacular!"


                                              Hani Nassar-

                      Hickory International Council

                                                 Hickory NC


"Ronn Winter brings a refreshing style and showmanship to every performance. Whether it's reading minds, or making something vanish, you're in for a thrilling time!"


                                  Jim Curtin- Magician

                                          Philadelphia PA

"Ronn was fantastic! He was totally professional and a real joy! His charisma and his patience with the way he performed was anticipating and rewarding!"


                                                     Holly K.

                                               Raliegh NC


"If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone exclaim, "No way!! How did you DO that?!!" -- it would have covered his entire fee. If you're looking for a pro, look no further. Ronn Winter is the real deal!"


          Heather Morelli- Event Management

                                    Fountain Valley, CA


"This Guy is great!...Couldnt stop talking about him for months!"


                                        Kathleen Watson

                                                Houston, TX


"He is good... scary good!"


                                       Drake Thompson

                                         Atlanta, GA

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