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Performance Packages

Close Up- Strolling

Suitable for all crowd sizes, Ronn will mingle amongst your guests delivering a plethora of close up magic and mentalism effects, that will have you and your guests talking for months to come!

Ronn Winter 069_edited_edited.jpg

Stage Show

Experience the show that launched Ronn Winter's career to new heights, and established him as one of the greatest mentalists in the industry!

No doves, no top hats, no clowning and no typical stuff in this presentation!

A 100% interactive Mentalism show, with predictions, mind reading, and demonstrations of reading body language. 

No stage? No problem! Ronn has performed in living rooms for a dozen people, theaters for hundreds, and auditoriums for thousands! This is, truly, an experience like no other! 


Close Up & Stage Show

Simply put... This is the best of both worlds. Kind of like a great appetizer,  before the main course!

Having the close up performance first, is a great way to get your guests warmed up and excited for the show!

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