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Ronn Winter has been one of the  top rated, and most sought after  magicians and mentalists in the nation for, almost, 20 years! 


Based out of Charlotte NC, Ronn Winter has provided his unique style of entertainment for television, commercials, and clients from coast to coast, and over seas.

From top Las Vegas resorts to Fortune 500 companies...from major Universities to private parties...Ronn has performed all over the U.S., as well as Canada, England and India!

If you're looking for something unique, fun, and interactive for your next party or event... then look no further!

Ronn Winter will deliver the entertainment you need to make it unforgettable!

"My goal is to make your mind conflict with itself. If I can make you doubt what reality is, if only for one second, then I have done my job"

                 -Ronn Winter 2007


The Official Home of Charlotte NC Magician & Mentalist, Ronn Winter

2023 Schedule

March 4th - Jacksonville FL

March 10th - Charlotte NC*

March 17th - Charlotte NC*

March 24th - Matthews NC

April 1st - Raleigh NC

April 7th - Roanoke VA

April 12th - Charlotte NC

April 15th - Charlotte NC*

April 22nd - Charlotte NC*

April 27th - Greenwood SC*

May 6th - Charlotte NC*

May 10th - Charlotte NC

May 26th - Savannah GA*

June 9th - Newark NJ

June 17th - Nashville TN

June 24th - Charlotte NC

July 2nd - Charlotte NC

July 15th - Charlotte NC*

July 22nd - Davidson NC*

August 16th - Dallas TX

August 17th - Dallas TX

August 20th - Charlotte NC*

September 2nd - Charlotte NC

September 9th - Orlando FL

October 13th - High Point NC*

October 17th - Charlotte NC*

October 26th - Black Mtn NC*

October 28th - Winston SaleNC*

November 3rd - Richmond VA

November 9th - Charlotte NC

November 11th -  Louisville KY

December 8th - Charlotte NC*

December 14th - Charlotte NC*

December 16th - Las Vegas NV

December 21st - Charlotte NC*

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